999.9 (Four Nine) Coming this Summer
2019-05-22News Image

The name of this brand, 999.9 (Four Nines) is originated from the quality indication of pure gold.
The word 999.9 engraved on the ingot of pure gold has the meaning of supreme purity in its quality.

Identically, Four Nines at all time pursue at a supreme purity in its quality through continual efforts and attempts, aiming for a 1000.
Therefore, Four Nines will continuously progress for a new possibility and will attempt to provide eyeglasses frames at the highest level of quality.

999.9 (Four Nines) is a brand established in September 1995, as a pure domestic eyeglasses frame brand.
Since eyeglasses are items placed on our faces; a delicate part of our body, our eyeglasses frames are designed under consideration of facial characteristics.

As you may have had experienced, wearing eyeglasses out of size is painful and stressful.

Therefore, Four Nines aims to provide eyeglasses frames which would retrieve people from those stresses.
Moreover, Four Nines aims to provide people with eyeglasses frames delighted to be worn.