Optical illusions News
The name of the brand, 999.9 (Four Nines) is originated from the quality indication of pure gold.
The word 999.9 engraved on the ingot of pure gold has the meaning of supreme purity in its quality.

Identically, Four Nines at all time pursue at a supreme purity in its quality through continual efforts and attempts, aiming for a 1000.
Therefore, Four Nines will continuously progress for a new possibility and will attempt to provide eyeglasses frames at the highest level of quality.

Eyeglasses frames are, in a manner not ready to be worn when bought.
It gets ready once it get adjusted according to one's face and their use.

Therefore, we do not deal with mail orders which do not allow us any direct adjustment on consumer's facial characteristics nor any consultation.
In between blanks and finished glasses there are up to 82 work-steps. Countless hours of work and a high manual practice are in need to manufacture a ROLF eyewear.

ROLF Spectacles produces everything home intern. They take their time and love, to create products with a personal touch.

Grounded and bonded strongly with nature, all workers move along the same path. Surrounded by an incredible backdrop, every products radiates the energy of nature.

The word sustainability gets a new meaning